Most frequent questions and answers

Should I pay before the service is deliver?

It depends about what service you are talking about.

YES, If you use a web booking platform, yes it is common to pay upfront, are to register a mean of payment, just for the company to be sure to be paid once the service is delivered.

NO, in the case of a classic service. If you make an agreement directly between you and the driver, you only pay him afterwards in the case of a tuk-tuk driver and of taxi service in Siem Reap.

YES, if you book a bus ticket, they will for sure make you pay before you enter the bus. Be careful, they won’t accept you to buy a ticket directly to the bus driver. You have to book on their website or to go to their office.

Can I pay directly on this website?

NO, not yet. platform is only here to make your life easier while visiting the Angkor Wat temples, but we do not accept direct payment here. We arrange the contact between you and the transport service you choose.

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